Saturday, June 20, 2009

June Notes

Steve Eisenhauer of Natural Lands Trust spoke at our June Meeting. He talked about the Burden Hill Forest, what it is and why its preservation is so important. He also talked about the tax implications of preserving land versus letting it be developed. He outlined some of the many children's programs Natural Lands Trust put on. He is correct in stating that the future of our wild lands lies in the hands of our children.

Don't forget that June is "Turtle Month". This is prime turtle nesting season and they are seen crossing the roads everywhere. If you are near brackish water you will see Diamond Backed Terrapins, if you are in upland areas you will see Box turtles, in freshwater areas you may see painted or red-bellied turtles. If they are in the middle of the road please help them safely cross the road. Make sure that you take them in the direction they were heading or they will just recross the road when you are gone. Make sure you are concerned with your own safety while helping the turtles. Also remember the old adage,"no good deed goes unpunished" when approaching a Snapping Turtle. He will bite you if he can.

If you find a "friendly" variety of turtle, turn it over and look at the shell. If the bottom of the shell is flat it is a female and if the bottom of the shell is concave it is a male.

Thus far this month I have 11 turtle assists. Ten of them were Box Turtles and one was a Painted Turtle. I am amazed that all of these Box Turtles were the orange variety not the yellow variety. It is great to see so many Box Turtles since they are are Species of Concern in New Jersey.

Send Elyce O'Malley your turtle pictures and we'll put them up on this page.
Marilyn Patterson