Sunday, September 6, 2009


The August meeting of the Salem County Nature Club was a great success. Jeff White and Garry Baldwin taught us a lot about photographing wildlife. They also shared many of their awesome photographs. A number of our members said that the photos made them want to get right out and take lots of photos.
The weather gods co-operated for the Wednesday Big Sit. It was just as hot as you would expect in August.
The big question of the Wednesday Big Sit was: “Did a Pileated Woodpecker make those holes in the tree on the edge of Marilyn’s yard?” Our “Whatisit” bird turned out to be a female or young Indigo Bunting. The caterpillars that Carolyn Howell brought over have emerged and I released two female and two male Monarch Butterflies.
The Saturday Big Sit was cancelled due to the torrential rain storms. It did clear later and a few people that lived close by showed up. We took pictures of everything that moved and many things that didn’t. Even though the early morning was miserable we still had a good time. Let’s hope that next year the weather co-operates a little better.