Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Upcoming Events for the Salem County Nature Club

Updated Salem County Nature Club meeting schedule:

March 2011
Meeting: Tuesday Mar. 8th, 7:00pm.
David Lord, Associate Naturalist for Cape May Bird Observatory will share a presentation of Birds and Bird Songs. David is renowned in birding circle for his skill at identifying birds by their song. He will share his favorite mnemonics used to identify bird song. The mnemonics that he uses are short, sometimes silly but always easy to remember. David will also be leading a spring bird walk, the time and place yet to be determined.

April 2011
Meeting: Tuesday April 12, 7:00pm.
On April 12th the Salem County Nature Club will host Ron Kegel to share his insights into how to create the perfect wildlife habitat in you own backyard. By choosing the correct trees, shrubs, and plants you can maximize the number and variety of birds and other wildlife you attract. Planting for nature gives you a front seat to watch all of the wonders of nature. Your yard will become the favorite stopover for all of the flashy spring and fall migrants. Ron's expertise in trees and shrubs comes from his years working for Dean's Evergreens. Horticultural is both his avocation and his vocation. Ron will give us selection and planting tips as well as share his amazing yard bird list with us.

May 2011
Meeting: May 10th, 7:00pm.
Jack Mahon will be presenting a slideshow and talk about shorebirds in New Jersey. Fortescue, NJ is one of the premier sites to see migrating shorebirds in May. People come from all over the world to view this phenomenon. Jack will prepare us for what we will see on our Shorebird Caravan. Time and date for the caravan to be announced.